Sequencer Support is UP!

Hey there guys!...

Now comming an update, so everyone can use sequencer support for PaperZD Characters...

Tested it a lot on our projects but if by any change there are errors, please tell us about it.

We also solved an error that happened when trying to save a renamed animbp.

COMMING UP NEXT: 4.18 support, Conduits, Spline2D support

Files 33 MB
Oct 10, 2017 35 MB
Oct 10, 2017 36 MB
Oct 10, 2017
4_15 (version 1.1) 36 MB
Oct 31, 2017
4_16 (version 1.1) 38 MB
Oct 31, 2017 38 MB
Oct 31, 2017

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Hi! i was wondering if there's any difference between this version and the one up on the Unreal Marketplace?


Hey there... no.. there are actually no differences between those versions...

Marketplace version is a tidy bit more expensive given the 30% cut we're forced to give (although it's easier to install).

We plan to mantain version on par with marketplace always (actually, a lot of feedback from paperZD has been more active on than on marketplace).