Version 1.2 UP! (took some time)

After more time than I was comfortable taking, version 1.2 is out!. A lot of inner bearing were adjusted, creating a much more solid application.


- Added a new Animation Mode for managing the new Animation Sequences. All the Notify DATA and timming will be edited here.

- States and Transition can now "equip" a sequence to play. States work just like before, but now transitions can choose to play a sequence before the connected state.

- Sequencer templates were optimized.

- AnimSequences are now SHARED on the actor, that means that you can re use AnimSequences between stated without having to re create all the notify data. This will be expanded to the BP eventually to support AnimMontages or to let the users manage the AnimQueue manually (on 1.3).

- Several bugfixes regarding Multiplayer support with the same AnimBP.

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Mar 30, 2018

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